Divorce is bad for women’s health

Divorce affects not only the emotional but the physical condition of women. Divorced women rarely have sex more often and get sick. Moreover, not only as a result of stressful experiences, but also on more complex situations. Sociologists from the University of Iowa summarized nearly a decade of observation of 400 women living in rural areas of the state. Scientists interested in how family life (or lack thereof) affect the mothers of adolescents. As one of the authors of the study, Fred Lorenz, each member of his colleagues took the experiment on two interviews. The first – in the early 90s, the second – in 2001. According to Lorentz, physical illness – the consequences of divorce experienced emotional stress. In addition, a single mother expecting many more shocks: a very small probability of finding a decent job, poor support from the state and, consequently, the financial problems. In deteriorating health is important and reduced sexual activity of single mothers. A recent study by British scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, sexual activity of single representatives of humanity is irregular. Married women are more measured and regular sex life and, consequently, more sex, which can not but affect positively the health of partners.